Mila doubled the sales of Nerostovka
13.01.2014 6572

Mila doubled the sales of Nerostovka

"Mila - Wholesale Shoes" recorded a twofold increase in sales of summer "non-staying" in the pre-New Year month compared to the same period last year.

In the off-season, the distributor associates such a result, first of all, with the competent complete set of boxes with incomplete dimensional rows and a detailed description of the contents of the box.

“In the Urals alone in December 2013, we sold exactly half of the stocks of non-overstretched top-top sneakers for children. Initially, the manufacturer did not fully describe the complete set of the box, which is why many of our customers had concerns about the quality of wholesale children's shoes. But now the labeling is fully consistent with the content. Moreover, boxes with non-stitching differ from boxes familiar to everyone in only one parameter - shoe size. All other characteristics, including the quality of the product, remain the same, "said the manager of Mila - wholesale footwear" Alexander Borodin.

The advantages of boxes with incomplete size ranges have already been appreciated by both small wholesale market players and manufacturers. The first one is comfortable with the optimal completing of boxes, which contain scarce shoe sizes, in order to efficiently model-size sub-sorting and service of joint purchases. For the second, it is the fastest and most economically effective way to eliminate the "non-growth".

“I hope that in the near future ObuvProm will launch a similar mechanism for working with illiquid goods that have a permissible defect - minor cuts, tears, stains. Such shoes have their own price and their own buyer. When marking the box, it is important to describe all defects well. As a result, I am sure that the phase of writing off illiquid assets can be avoided by producers almost completely, ”added Alexander Borodin.

“Mila - Wholesale Shoes” recorded a twofold increase in sales of summer “non-stay” in the pre-New Year month compared to the same period of the last ...

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