National Shoe Union in Russia headed by Yan Belyaev Director General of the National Shoe Union Yan Belyaev
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National Shoe Union in Russia headed by Yan Belyaev

Yan Belyaev, the founder of the largest international footwear exhibition in Russia, Euro Shoes premiere collection, has become the General Director since February 1, 2023 National Shoe Union (NOBS), replacing Natalia Demidova in this position, who was appointed Advisor and remained a member of the Board of the industry organization.

“The main goal for the shoe community today is to join forces, all our efforts, resources and opportunities. Only in this way will the Russian shoe market remain civilized, only in this way will it be able to survive and develop in the future,” believes Yan Belyaev.

The National Shoe Union (NOBS) was founded in 1996 and unites shoe manufacturers, suppliers and retailers, maintaining a constant dialogue with the state, contributing to the development of the shoe segment of the light industry in Russia. The latest important initiative of NOBS was to assist companies in adapting the mandatory shoe labeling system, which was introduced in the Russian Federation in 2020.

The appointment of a new General Director of the Union was announced on April 3 at a meeting of members of the National Shoe Union, where the first persons of Russian shoe companies were present Sergey Sarkisov (Ekonika), Armen Avetisyan (McFine), Irina Lavrukhina (AXA Shoes), Viktor Kunz ("Caprice Vostok") and Friedrich Naumann (Wortmann Group) and others. At the meeting, the goals and objectives of the Union for the near future were formulated, and an updated website of the organization was presented.

The founder of the largest international footwear exhibition in Russia, Euro Shoes premiere collection, Yan Belyaev, has become the General Director of the National Shoe Union (NOBS) since February 1, 2023,…

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