German group WORTMANN ends fiscal year with record profits
05.03.2011 2601

German group WORTMANN ends fiscal year with record profits

В current fiscal year 2010 / 2011 (as of May 31) turnover group of companies Wortmann (Detmold, Germany) will amount to more than 950 million euros (832,1 million euros last year). The record increase in turnover by 120 million was the largest in the history of the enterprise. Based on the orders received to date, the group of companies expects to achieve consolidated growth of 14%. These record results show that the company’s growth rate Wortmann significantly ahead of the growth rates of other companies in this market sector. The fastest growing turnover is in Russia, Benelux and France. The group Wortmann in 70 countries of the world more 15 000 retail outlets where her shoes are sold.

The brand remains one of the strongest catalysts for the growth of the group of companies. Tamaris. For the consistent development of its leading brand to Europe's leading shoe consumer brand Wortmann uses a marketing budget of tens of millions of euros. Having won numerous awards in the recent past, this year the company Wortmann took one of the first places in the ranking of the popularity of German brands and was awarded the prize Best Brands Awards 2011. Of 12 000 international brands brand Tamaris was awarded 3 place in the nomination "Best developing brand", the winners of which were the leaders in the field of production of entertainment electrical equipment Apple и LG. Thus, the shoe brand has established its position in top ten branded products.

System partnership Tamaris is one of the leading concepts in the shoe industry for managing retail space through partnerships and continues to expand successfully. 454 outlets have already been opened (in the previous year there were 261, an increase of 75%), of which 148 are mono-brands and 303 are branded zones. About 40% of retail space is currently located outside of Germany.

With the start of deliveries of the spring-summer collection of 2011 of the year at the end of last year Wortmann commissioned a new logistics center in Detmold. This investment project worth about 35 million euros is the largest in the history of the enterprise and allows you to increase the storage capacity of the logistics center to 4,5 million pairs of shoes. The turnover for one shift reaches more than 500 thousand pairs per day. At the height of the season, the center operates in two shifts, significantly increasing the volume of trade.

Producing about 29 million pairs of shoes for fashionsegments and more than 38 million pairs of shoes for the comfort category, a group of companies Wortmann is Europe’s largest shoe manufacturing and marketing company. In Europe, a group of companies is represented by brands such as Tamaris, Marco Tozzi, C, Jana и s.Oliver-shoesand in Asia - Novi Footwear Fareast Ltd., Hong Kong/Singapore. Wortmann has 11 representative offices in Europe and 11 in the countries of the Far East. 930 people work in the central office, 30 000 workers in different countries work in production.
In the current fiscal year 2010 / 2011 (as of May 31) the turnover of the Wortmann group of companies (Detmold, Germany) will amount to more than 950 million euros (832,1 million euros last year).

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