Nevalenki Concept Store and AFOUR present a joint capsule
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Nevalenki Concept Store and AFOUR present a joint capsule

The NEVALENKI concept shoe store and the AFOUR shoe brand have released a limited collection of festival brogues, entirely made in St. Petersburg. 4 unique colors and derby shoes in a surreal Scramble design, handmade, interchangeable kilty tongues and the use of natural materials - leather, suede, pony fur - the result of a collaboration between a custom shoe factory and a store that exclusively represents many world-famous brands in St. Petersburg and Of Russia.

For Nevalenki, this is the first experience of this kind of collaboration. The idea to create a capsule collection of shoes with the Handcrafted in Saint-Petersburg tag arose against the backdrop of the trend of import substitution, as well as due to the lack of attention to local shoe brands ready to produce completely unique models. For AFOUR, the creation of a joint collection with the successful Nevalenki Concept Store shoe retailer and subsequent joint implementation is a real chance for St. Petersburg designers to be sold on the same level with world shoe brands.

It is assumed that the NEVALENKI x AFOUR brogues, on the middle platform (3-5 cm), will be a continuation of both the everyday look and the final element of the evening dress. The price range varies from 8800 to 11800 rubles, the price includes a one-year warranty from AFOUR.

Each pair of festival brog is named after a legendary band or artist: Pink Floyd (pink), Blur (blue), Pixies (black), Eggy Pop (with applique) and Metallica (silver). The collection is limited, consists of 5 models and will be presented in St. Petersburg exclusively in the Nevalenki Concept Store in the Vladimir Passage. Residents of other cities of Russia will be able to purchase shoes only in the online store nevalenki.com. Also, the Eggy Pop model will be available in the online store of the manufacturer's factory afourcustom.ru.

Concept Store - created in 2012 as a conceptual space, the shoe store still holds exclusive retail status in St. Petersburg of many international brands, such as Chiara Ferragni (Italy), Jeffrey Campbell (USA), Minimarket (Sweden), Minna Parikka (Finland), Trippen (Germany), Markus Lupfer and Miista (England), Senso (Australia), Naguisa (Spain). Since 2014, the online store nevalenki.com has been launched with delivery throughout Russia.

Since 2009 AFOUR laboratory has been creating beautiful and comfortable shoes at the level of the best world manufacturers. Each AFOUR shoe model is handmade in a workshop located in St. Petersburg, using the best leather samples from Italy and Russia, soles - Vibram and high-quality EVA. In 2010, an online shoe designer was launched, where everyone can create their own unique model.

NEVALENKI concept shoe store and AFOUR footwear brand have released a limited edition collection of festival brogues entirely produced in ...
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