Unprecedented generosity
29.05.2012 1410

Unprecedented generosity

Chinese and Russians spend the most in the world

According to studies, the Chinese and Russians are now in first place in the world ranking in terms of “generosity” and purchasing power. So, against the background of a long lull in European markets, countries with rapidly developing economies show significant results, including in international shopping: with increasing wealth, more and more people are eager to spend money on expensive things in foreign shopping tours.

Despite the ever-higher growth of Brazil, Russia and India, the Chinese continue to dominate international shopping. As reported on the website of Il Sole 24 Ore, in January 2012, the number of shopping tourists from China increased by 92,3% compared to last year, which in itself can be considered a record. The Chinese spend their money mainly in Hong Kong, Europe and the United States, spending an average of 4350 euros per trip, which is 40% more than in the 2010 year.

If in the 2011 year it was expected that the Chinese would spend $ 69 billion abroad, then in the 2012 year this figure could reach $ 80 billion, writes.

Following the Chinese, Russians appear in the rating of shop tourists for the 2011 year; their number increased by 23,9% compared to the 2010 year. According to preliminary estimates, they could spend about 42 billion dollars, mainly in Turkey and Italy - the favorite places of Russian shopping tours. According to estimates, such trips help Russians save from 35 to 50% of their funds due to the difference in prices.

Tourists from Brazil, where on average 8 of 10 luxury items are bought abroad, do not particularly think about the costs of traveling. The United States, despite its geographical proximity, attracts only 29% of travelers, while 52% of tourists travel to Europe. But in the USA, Brazilians do not save and spend an average of 4940 dollars each time they cross the border. For them, the States are a true wonderland, which saves up to 80% of the money.

In India, people go shopping abroad not only because of high prices for imported luxury goods, but also because there are not enough boutiques in the country that could satisfy the needs of about 153 of thousands of wealthy Indians who are ready to spend money on expensive things. Therefore, about 60% of them go shopping mainly in Dubai, Hong Kong and London.

Chinese and Russians spend the most in the world As studies show, the Chinese and Russians are now in first place in the world ranking in terms of “generosity” and purchasing power. So, in the background ...

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