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Neva Germans

The first German shoe salon THOMAS MÜNZ will open on Nevsky Prospekt

On April 29, 2012, the first conceptual salon of German footwear under the THOMAS MÜNZ brand will open in St. Petersburg on Nevsky Prospekt. The salon on Nevsky Prospect will be located in a 165 sq. m., where a shoe retailer was previously located and will be implemented in a new concept for the brand, which in the future the concept will be replicated in all newly opened stores. Services for the selection of the salon premises were provided by ASTERA in an alliance with BNP Paribas Real Estate.

THOMAS MÜNZ is one of the brands of the German footwear manufacturer MÜNZ - SCHUHFABRIK GmbH. THOMAS MÜNZ shoes are manufactured in manufacturing factories located in Europe, South America and Southeast Asia. The entire production process is carried out under the control of the company's head office.

Previously, the brand was distributed through the M.SHOES network of branded stores and through multi-brand stores in 53 regions of Russia. In 2011, the company began rebranding and is now developing a new brand THOMAS MÜNZ, often opening stores in place of M.SHOES outlets. It is not yet known whether the company will keep both brands, or keep only THOMAS MÜNZ. Today, in St. Petersburg there are 6 stores under the M.SHOES brand, in Moscow and Moscow region - 18 M.SHOES stores (including one discount) and 11 THOMAS MÜNZ stores.

“For the coming years, our company has adopted a strategy for the entry of the THOMAS MÜNZ brand network into new regions,” says Dmitry Glazin, commercial director of the company. brand. That is why the company opens its first flagship salon THOMAS MÜNZ on Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg. In the future, the company plans to actively develop a branded retail network in the North-West region. "

“In the market for built-in premises, the trend that emerged after the 2008 crisis continues: tenants prefer to occupy premises where a tenant of the same segment was previously located. This allows the retailer to open a retail outlet in a short time, - says Lyudmila Reva, director of ASTERA in an alliance with BNP Paribas Real Estate, - Since the beginning of 2012, our company has closed a number of lease transactions on the central streets of St. Petersburg, which resulted in a change of one operator shoe on the other. An ABC Shoes store has opened on Kirochnaya Street, a Hogl store will soon appear on Vladimirsky Prospekt, both premises were previously occupied by the Step navstrechu chain. Writes about this

The city's first German footwear salon THOMAS MÜNZ will open on Nevsky Prospect On April 29, 2012, the first conceptual German footwear salon in St. Petersburg will open on Nevsky Prospekt ...

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