Nico launches antibacterial mold holders
06.06.2013 6394

Nico launches antibacterial mold holders

BNS (Bergal, Nico & Solitaire) Vertriebs GmbH (Germany), the European leader in the market for shoe accessories, introduced the Contour series of antibacterial shoe holders.

It is known that the human foot can excrete up to 200 ml of moisture during the day - depending on the load. The shoe absorbs it, creating an ideal environment for bacteria to spread.

The anti-bactericidal substance Silver Plus, which contains new form-holders, allows almost completely - by 99,9% - to eliminate bacteria that cause unpleasant odors in shoes.

Silver Plus consists of natural ingredients and is completely harmless to leather and health. Silver ions effectively destroy microorganisms only in shoes. The developers note that the effect of Silver Plus does not wane over time.

The pleasant velvety coating of the mold holders absorbs up to 20 ml of moisture during the first 3 hours. Shoes remain dry and retain their shape. Contour Silver Shaped Holders are available for all types of shoes — ballet shoes, pumps, comfortable shoes — all over 10 in all shapes.

BNS (Bergal, Nico & Solitaire) Vertriebs GmbH (Germany), the European leader in the shoe accessories market, presented antibacterial shoe mold holders of the ...
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