New GORE-TEX® Technology
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New GORE-TEX® Technology

Gore company, developer of GORE-TEX technology®, introduced a technology for shoe manufacturing called SURROUND ™.

The essence of the new technology is that the breathing membrane GORE-TEX® it is used in creating not only the upper part of the boot, but also the sole. The sole of the shoe with the use of SURROUND ™ technology has an open design, which allows excess heat and moisture from the foot to escape faster. The waterproof membrane GORE-TEX® prevents moisture from penetrating inside thanks to micropores, which are 20 times smaller than water droplets, but 000 times larger than water vapor molecules. And because not only the outsole, but also the upper with SURROUND ™ technology is equipped with this breathable membrane, the right microclimate is created around the entire foot.

Male, female and children's models of shoes GORE-TEX® with SURROUND ™ technology have already appeared in the collections of the brands ARA, Clarks, Legero, Fretz Men and Högl, and among them are represented both footwear for sports and leisure, as well as models for business meetings and office work.

Gore, the developer of GORE-TEX® technology, introduced a technology for shoe production called SURROUND ™.

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