New Online Buyer Survey
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New Online Buyer Survey

More than 20 million people monthly make online purchases in Russia, which is 71% of the active Internet audience - these are the results of a study by the analytical agency Markswebb Rank & Report. It was conducted on the basis of an online survey with the participation of 3145 respondents from different cities of Russia. In the study, an online purchase is considered the formation of an order and its possible payment on the Internet.

About 23% of Russian online shoppers, according to the survey, live in Moscow, about 8% - in St. Petersburg and about 18% live in other cities with a population of over 1 million people. In Moscow, the share of online buyers among the active Internet audience exceeds 80%, in St. Petersburg it is 79%, in small cities with a population of 100 to 500 thousand - about 63%.

The structure of buyers by gender strongly depends on the product category. For example, among online buyers of electronics, the majority are men - 61%. Among online shoppers of clothing and footwear, 67% are women. Overall, women make up 54% of the online shopper audience.

The most active group among all online shoppers are women and men aged 25 to 34 years, which make up, respectively, 18% and 16% of all users of online stores. Least of all online shopping are women and men in the age group from 55 to 64 years, taking, respectively, 5% and 3% of the total number of online shoppers.

The proportion of online shoppers, according to the study, the higher, the higher the level of income. For example, in a group with an income of over 100 thousand rubles per family member, the share of online shoppers is 91%. Analysts attribute this indicator primarily to the high purchasing power of the group, and not to the willingness to make online purchases.

Clothing and footwear became the leader among product categories in online stores. They are purchased monthly by 32% of online shoppers. In second place with 23% are electronics, computers and telephones. Discs with films, music and games are purchased online least of all - only 5% of buyers.

The most common method of paying for online purchases, accounting for 43% of all methods, is cash, which is transferred to the courier upon delivery of the goods. In second place is online credit card payment, which is used in 34%, while in another 10% of cases, payment is made with a card linked to a payment system, mainly PayPal, that is, its data is stored there, and it is not required to enter it every time. This method, according to analysts, is preferred by high-income buyers. Payment for purchases is also made through e-wallets, such as Qiwi or Yandex.Wallet (18%), by credit card through the terminal (18%) and through the Internet bank (13%).

Markswebb Rank & Report analytical agency was founded in 2010. Specializes in research, audit and consulting in the field of Internet product development.

More than 20 million people monthly make online purchases in Russia, which is 71% of the active Internet audience - these are the results of a study by the analytical agency Markswebb Rank & ...

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