New Brands at BUYBRAND Expo
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New Brands at BUYBRAND Expo

Immediately 4 promising players from Moldova, Croatia, Poland and Malaysia will appear in Russia in the 2016 year. 

According to Ekaterina Soyak, a member of the board of directors of the Russian Franchising Association (RAF) and CEO of EMTG (organizer of the largest franchising exhibition BUYBRAND Expo), negotiations are underway with the following brands of fast food restaurants, clothing and education:

  • Surf'n'Fries is a Croatian fast food chain that is very popular in the Balkans.  
  • Tucano Coffee is the only successful coffee chain in Moldova that has recently opened franchised establishments in Romania and the UAE.  
  • Bartek is a Polish manufacturer of children's shoes. The products of this brand have already appeared on sale in Russia in multi-brand stores, but the company is seeking to open its own network. 
  • UCMAS is a global educational corporation from Malaysia, which since 1993 has opened about 5 thousand centers specializing in the mental development of children in 54 countries around the world. 
According to Ekaterina Soyak, the fast food market is one of the few areas of Russian business that continues to grow amid the crisis. The success of this area encourages many companies to rely on franchising, even if so far their development has been reduced exclusively to the corporate model. “In this context, the interest of East European players in our market is quite explainable. Such companies usually offer fairly economical schemes that were in demand during the market downturn. As for the Malaysian concept of UCMAS, their appearance underlines an important trend - an increase in the number of franchises in the field of education. Private market education in Russia is now in its infancy due to the historically established monopoly of the state, however, the more quality international brands appear, the higher will be "Consumer confidence in independent projects. Those players who today occupy their niches will secure a profit for years to come."

As Ekaterina Soyak notes, today in Russia there are about 25-30% franchises of foreign origin. At the same time, their share in the catering segment is 20-22%. This area is still the most attractive for both Russian and foreign companies.

An official presentation of the franchises is scheduled for September and timed to coincide with the BUYBRAND Expo exhibition (the 28-30 September will be held in Moscow). According to EMTG forecasts, based on an analysis of the total investment potential of the exhibitors, the possible investment in opening franchise points in Russia is about $ 800 million. At the same time, the expected profit will be several times higher than the investment.

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Immediately 4 promising players from Moldova, Croatia, Poland and Malaysia will appear in Russia in the 2016 year.

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