New Edhén shoe brand - highlight of Milan Men's Fashion Week A new reading of the classics in the collection of the Edhén brand of the autumn-winter season 2017 / 18
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New Edhén shoe brand - highlight of Milan Men's Fashion Week

Two Italian designers, Filippo Fiora and Filippo Cirulli, the founders of the Edhén shoe brand, took a fresh look at the classics and earned the highest marks from fashion experts after showing off their new fall-winter 2017 / 18 collection last night at Men's Fashion Week. in Milan, writes Footwear News.

Edhén's autumn collection is mainly represented by weekend evening shoes, based on the style of the 1950's. These are classic leather loafers with a slightly lower neckline, boots with leather buckles of different colors, velvet mules with button straps.

Creating shoes with an element of chic is the key idea of ​​two Italian designers, even if we are talking about slippers and sneakers. “I like classic shoes, but it should have a highlight, the shoes should be fashionable. We don’t just want to create traditional models, ”says Chiruli.

The Italian brand is currently represented in more than 30 stores in key markets in Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Two Italian designers Filippo Fiora and Filippo Cirulli, founders of the Edhén footwear brand, have shown a new look at the classics and won the highest ...
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