New shoe delivery format from China from AKFA
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New shoe delivery format from China from AKFA

When “white” is cheaper than “gray”

Old delivery schemes become unprofitable and stop working. How to deliver shoes from China now?


It is no secret to anyone that in the last year or two the state has been “tightening the screws”, tightening control over foreign trade and customs operations.
Shoemakers used to use the services of Chinese cargo carriers to deliver goods to Russia. These companies often took upon themselves all stages of delivery - from payment of goods to the manufacturer to customs clearance. Moreover, the implementation schemes for these stages were far from always completely legal.

What to do?

How to be shoe companies in the new conditions? We see two ways:

АRegister your company as a member of foreign economic activity, open a foreign currency account, establish relationships with those customs authorities where your goods will be processed.
The main difficulty of this option is that the Chinese have neither the qualifications, nor the license, nor the employees to carry out export-import activities.

B. Conclude an agency contract

This is an absolutely “white” scheme of work. At your request, the company redeems the goods from the manufacturer, paying for the goods according to the transaction passport. Customs clearance is carried out from the purchase price of the goods.
Since the goods appear on the territory of the Russian Federation legally, no additional payments are required in the form of the same 2-6% for cost optimization and VAT.
At the same time, your company does not need to register as a participant in foreign economic activity and hire additional specialists.
The price of this service is 2% of the turnover.

Comparison of the “Chinese scheme” and the agency agreement with a real example and figures

Given: suppose you bought a batch of leather shoes in China for 30 $ / pair. In Russia, you plan to sell it at the price of 50 $ / pair.

Delivery option Chinese cargo Agency contract
Fee for payment to the supplier 3 $ / pair 0,6 $ / pair
Customs, duty and VAT 4 $ / pair 7,36 $ / pair
Sale of goods in the Russian Federation 1,25 $ / pair Add. no costs required
Total 8,25 $ / pair 7,69 $ / pair

Thus, we see that delivery under an agency agreement is equal in value to the old "Chinese" schemes. And the cheaper the shoes, the more profitable the agency agreement will be, because less difference in customs payments.
Namely: for shoes made of artificial leather, the cost under the agency agreement will be 3,47 $ / pair versus 4 $ through Chinese cargo. Cheaper by 0,5 $ / pair!

The choice is yours!

Using a clear example, we were convinced that the agent version of work cheaper и more reliablethan the gray schemes. With this option easier и fasterthan an independent decision on issues of payment and customs clearance.
At the same time, do not forget that the agent scheme is absolutely legal - it guarantees that you will never, under any circumstances, have any problems with tax or customs. What can not be said about the "gray" scheme.

AKFA has been shipping shoes from China for over 20 years. We individually calculate a mathematical model for the formation of the cost of goods for each client. We estimate which of the delivery routes is the most profitable and optimal for a particular cargo.

AKFA specialists are always ready to meet, discuss all the nuances of the business and propose a specific solution. Contact by phone 8 499 759 0 158 и 8 800 2000 158 (the call is free throughout Russia), write to the mail moscow@akfa.ru
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Old delivery schemes become unprofitable and stop working. How to deliver shoes from China now?

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