The volume of the Runet economy is equivalent to 2,4% of Russia's GDP
30.09.2016 1870

The volume of the Runet economy is equivalent to 2,4% of Russia's GDP

According to the results of the 2015 year, the RuNet economy (content and services) amounted to 1 355,38 billion rubles, and the electronic payments market - 588 billion rubles, which is equivalent to 2,4% of Russia's GDP. The volume of Internet-dependent markets is comparable to 19% of Russia's GDP, - data from the RAEC research on Runet Economics of 2015-2016 showed according to RAEC experts that in 2016, Runet's economy will amount to 1581,34 billion rubles.

Researchers note the increase in the “Internet experience” of Russian online users over the past six years: if in 2010 it was less than 3 years, now it is more than 6 years. At the same time, according to the study, about 69% of users have ever resorted to a cashless payment method on the Web. Internet access has become round-the-clock and ubiquitous, and the delivery of goods ordered online has become faster, more reliable and cheaper.

The increase in the quality and speed of delivery, according to researchers, was due to investments in the logistics of private players and the improvement of the work of the Russian Post.

The volume of the Runet economy (content and services) at the end of 2015 amounted to 1 billion rubles, and the volume of the electronic payments market - 355,38 billion rubles, which is in total equivalent to 588% of Russia's GDP.

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