The revenue of Detsky Mir Group for 2017 year increased by 21,9% to 97 billion rubles.
17.01.2018 2023

The revenue of Detsky Mir Group for 2017 year increased by 21,9% to 97 billion rubles.

Detsky Mir Group announced the fourth quarter and full year operating results ending December 31 on December 2017. 

The Group's consolidated unaudited revenue in Q4 2017 increased by 19,8% to RUB 30,3 billion. compared to 25,3 billion rubles. in the 4th quarter of 2016. The online store's revenue grew by 79,5% to RUB 2 billion. compared to the same period last year. Like-for-like sales of the Detsky Mir chain of stores in Russia increased by 7,2%: a comparable increase in the number of receipts was 14,1%; the comparable average check decreased by 6,0%.

In the 4 quarter of 2017, the 62 store of the Detsky Mir chain was opened.

The volume of consolidated unaudited revenue of Detsky Mir Group for 2017 increased by 21,9% to RUB 97,0 billion. compared to 79,5 billion rubles. in 2016. The online store's revenue increased by 67,0% to RUB 4,6 billion. comparing with the previous year. Like-for-like sales of the Detsky Mir chain of stores in Russia increased by 7,2%: a comparable increase in the number of receipts was 12,2%; the comparable average check decreased by 4,4%.

In 2017, 104 of the new Detsky Mir stores was opened; at present, the Detsky Mir chain of stores has 578 outlets. The retailer developed most actively in the Moscow region, here the retail chain grew by 23 new stores. The total number of chain supermarkets following the 2017 year in the Moscow region was 166, in St. Petersburg - 34.

41 Detsky Mir chain store was opened in the company’s new cities in Russia and Kazakhstan. The first supermarkets appeared in Pervouralsk, Michurinsk, Gudermes, Kaspiysk, Maykop, Solikamsk, Tuapse, Neftekamsk, Salavat, Pushkino, and many other cities.

Detsky Mir continued its expansion in the Republic of Kazakhstan, opening 10 new supermarkets and practically doubling its retail network in this country. Thus, the Detsky Mir retail chain in Kazakhstan is represented by 22 stores in 12 cities. Sales growth for comparable stores in tenge amounted to 25% in 2017.

According to Vladimir Chirakhov, Director General of Detsky Mir PJSC, Detsky Mir continues to focus on the development of electronic commerce, constantly improving user experience and increasing the level of online store service. The online segment remains the group’s fastest growing sales channel; in the 4 quarter, revenue in this area increased by 80%. 

“We plan to continue the development of the network in all regions of the Company’s presence, having opened at least 200 stores in the next three years, and we will continue to implement a multi-channel strategy, using the potential of an extensive network of stores and the possibility of rapid growth of the online market,” he said.

Group of companies "Detsky Mir" unites the national retail chain of stores "Detsky Mir", the chain of stores "ELC", online stores "Detsky Mir" and "ELC". As of December 31, 2017, the Detsky Mir chain of stores is represented by 578 stores in Russia and Kazakhstan, located in 207 cities of Russia and 12 cities of Kazakhstan, the ELC chain is represented by 44 stores in Russia. The total sales area of ​​the group's stores is 688 thousand sq. M.

According to the audited IFRS data, for 2016 the Group’s revenue amounted to 79,5 billion rubles, adjusted EBITDA amounted to 8,2 billion rubles, and adjusted earnings for the year amounted to 3,8 billion rubles.

Shareholders of the Company: PJSC AFK Sistema - 52,10%; Russian-Chinese Investment Fund (RCIF) - 14,03%; other shareholders holding less than 5% of the shares - 33,87%.  

Detsky Mir Group announced operating results for the fourth quarter and full year ended December 31, 2017 ...

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