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Hammer shoes

In the 2011 year, Molotok.ru sold shoes for 31,7 million rubles

The largest online trading platform in Russia - Molotok.Ru - sums up the results of shoe sales in 2011. According to statistics, peaks of purchasing activity on the resource occur twice a year - in March and October.

Sales on the largest online trading platform in Russia, Molotok.Ru, correspond to general trends in online trading, according to which Russians are more likely to buy clothes and shoes from online stores (according to VTsIOM). Footwear turnover - 31,7 million rubles.

The share of sales of women's footwear is 71% of all footwear (22,6 million rubles), men's - 23,5% (7,4 million), and children's - 5,5% (1,7 million).

In the overall turnover of women's clothing and footwear, the third most “monetary” category on Molotok.Ru is an obligatory item of women's wardrobe - boots. During the year, 3900 pairs were sold for a total of 5,8 million rubles.

Peaks in buying activity happen at Molotok.ru twice a year. The first takes place in March, and women show interest in shopping mainly. They buy shoes, jeans, trousers and skirts, blouses, suits, jackets and underwear.

Men start spring purchases in April, and the second peak of demand falls on October, when both men and women actively buy winter outerwear and shoes, sweaters and turtlenecks, cardigans and sweaters, suits, as well as warm home clothes and underwear.

In 2011, Molotok.Ru sold shoes for 31,7 million rubles The largest online trading platform in Russia - Molotok.Ru - sums up the results of shoe sales in 2011. According to statistics, the peaks ...
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