Shoes are one of the most popular cross-border goods on the web.
27.12.2018 1167

Shoes are one of the most popular cross-border goods on the web.

A study conducted by the French research company Ipsos for PayPal showed that 68% of online shoppers surveyed purchased items of clothing, shoes, accessories in foreign online stores, writes Worldfootwear.com.

The Ipsos study was conducted at the beginning of the 2018 of the year and related to the study of cross-border consumer behavior. The study surveyed about 34000 consumers in the 31 market around the world.

The study revealed that most often cross-border purchases are made by consumers from the Middle East. At the same time, the Asia-Pacific region and North America are markets where online purchases are made mainly on internal websites (52%).

Cross-border purchases are most common in Ireland, Austria and Israel. Citizens of Germany (68%), USA (66%), UK (62%) prefer to buy goods online within their own country.

In Japan, about 94% of respondents said that they buy goods online only within their own country.

Clothing, shoes and accessories are the most popular categories for cross-border online shopping, about 68% of online shoppers have confirmed that they have purchased these categories of goods in foreign online stores over the past 12 months. Following clothes, shoes and accessories, electronics (53%) and toys (53%) follow in the ranking of popular products.

About 72% of respondents say that they made purchases in foreign online stores because of more attractive prices for goods, about 49% bought goods abroad due to the fact that such goods cannot be found in their countries, about 34% said that they made online purchases abroad - discovery of new interesting products.

A study by French research company Ipsos for PayPal showed that 68% of surveyed online shoppers purchased garments, shoes, accessories overseas ...

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