Obuv Rossii joins assembly facilities at the Berdsk factory
21.03.2017 2235

Obuv Rossii joins assembly facilities at the Berdsk factory

The Obuv Rossii group of companies reconstructed the assembly shop and combined shoe assembly at the same site in Berdsk using the adhesive, board-stitching method and the hot rubber vulcanization technology.

For this, the company moved a conveyor line for assembling shoes with an adhesive method of attaching soles from the rented premises in Novosibirsk to its own squares in Berdsk. By combining the workshops, the company optimized the technological process, which will allow it to perform all the work faster and with less labor.

In the autumn of the 2016 of the year, Obuv Rossii expanded its production facilities in Berdsk by 1,5 times - from 3,8 to 5,8 thousand square meters. Now 1,4 thousand square meters. Of the newly acquired premises, the combined workshop occupies - this is almost 2,5 times larger than the premises in which the shoe assembly line was located in Novosibirsk. In the reconstructed workshop, the company will assemble both classic shoes and shoes made of EVA material, as well as special-purpose shoes - work and military.

Today, Shoe of Russia has two production sites - in Novosibirsk, where automated complexes for the manufacture of EVA footwear are operating, and Berdsk, where footwear production is based with all the main methods of attaching soles — injection molding, adhesive, board stitching and hot vulcanization of rubber to the workpiece . The company mainly produces an assortment of casual shoes, half-sports, also in the 2016 year “Obuv Rossii” entered the market for special-purpose shoes, opened a separate production line and created its own collection of military and tactical shoes.

Group of companies Obuv Rossii was founded in 2003, the head office is located in Novosibirsk. The main business areas are footwear production, retail and wholesale of footwear and related products. Obuv Rossii develops five shoe chains: Westfalika (monobrand, mid-priced segment), Pedestrian (multi-brand shoe supermarket), Emilia Estra (shoes boutique), Rossita (store for the whole family) and Lisette (fashion shoe salons). also brands of casual-style footwear produced at its own factory in the city of Berdsk, Novosibirsk region (S-TEP, All.go, Pioneer of Arctic Travel). The shoe chain "Obuv Rossii" today has more than 450 stores in more than 100 cities. RAEX (Expert RA) assigned the Group a credit rating of “A +” (very high level of creditworthiness), the third sublevel, outlook “stable”. The company's revenue in 2016 according to RAS amounted to 10 billion rubles, net profit - 1,3 billion rubles. The company has online stores westfalika.ru, westfalika-home.ru, emilia-esta.ru, rossita.com.

The Obuv Rossii group of companies reconstructed the assembly shop and unified shoe assembly at the same site in Berdsk, which is carried out by means of glue, board stitching and using hot technology ...

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