Obuv Rossii Shoes Sberbank Employees
14.06.2017 3207

Obuv Rossii Shoes Sberbank Employees

Sberbank opened GC Obuv Rossii two credit lines totaling 435 million rubles for 2 years 9 months and 2,5 years, respectively. The funds raised will be used, including for targeted financing of the contract for the production of shoes for the collection and security service of Sberbank.

Obuv Rossii has been cooperating with Sberbank since 2005 of the year when the first credit line was opened. At the moment, the main areas of work, in addition to lending, are cash management services, a salary project, collection and acquiring. “We are pleased to expand cooperation with the largest bank in our country. Thanks to the support of the bank, we are developing our business, including our production, which creates the basis for increasing the competitiveness of our company, ”comments Anton Titov, Director of Obuv Rossii Group of Companies.

“One of the key areas of the bank is supporting partners with successful experience in implementing development strategies; enterprises that contribute to the development of domestic industry, build their business on the principles of financial transparency, ”comments Anton Kamenev, deputy manager of the Novosibirsk branch of Sberbank.

In 2016, in the framework of the production development program “Shoes of Russia”, she opened a new workshop for the production of special shoes at a factory in Berdsk, Novosibirsk Region. In autumn, she presented at the Army-2016 exhibition her own collection of tactical and military footwear from more than 80 models. This year, the company began to develop the corporate footwear market. A significant contract for the production of such shoes was an agreement with Sberbank, which is designed for 3 of the year and involves the production of more than 80 thousand pairs of shoes for collection and security services of the bank. The company delivered its first batch of shoes to Sberbank last week.

Group of companies Obuv Rossii founded in 2003 year, the head office is in Novosibirsk. The main business areas are shoe production, retail and wholesale of footwear and related products. Obuv Rossii develops five shoe chains: Westfalika (single brand, mid-price segment), Pedestrian (multi-brand shoe supermarket), Emilia Estra (shoes boutique), Rossita (store for the whole family) and Lisette (fashion shoe stores). The Shoe of Russia shoe network currently has more than 450 stores in more than 100 cities. RAEX (Expert RA) assigned the Group a credit rating of “A +” (a very high level of creditworthiness), the third sublevel, and the outlook is stable. The company's revenue in 2016 year under RAS amounted to 10 billion rubles, net profit - 1,3 billion rubles. The company has online stores westfalika.ru, westfalika-home.ru, emilia-esta.ru, rossita.com.

PJSC Sberbank - the largest bank in Russia, which accounts for about a third of the assets of the entire Russian banking sector. The founder and main shareholder of Sberbank PJSC is the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which owns 50% of the authorized capital plus one voting share. Other 50% of the bank's shares are owned by Russian and international investors. More than 135 million individuals and more than 1 million enterprises in 22 countries of the world use the services of Sberbank. The Bank has the largest branch network in Russia: about 17 of thousands of branches and internal structural divisions. The Bank’s foreign network consists of subsidiary banks, branches and representative offices in the UK, USA, CIS, Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey and other countries.


Sberbank opened two credit lines to Obuv Rossii Group of Companies for a total of RUB 435 million for a period of 2 years 9 months and 2,5 years, respectively. The attracted funds will be directed, including ...

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