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Obuv Rossii showed interest in the shoe cluster in the Novosibirsk Region GC "Shoes of Russia"
31.10.2016 1878

Obuv Rossii showed interest in the shoe cluster in the Novosibirsk Region

GC Obuv Rossii may become one of the investors in the shoe cluster in the village. Linevo, Novosibirsk Region, and is ready to invest about 2 billion rubles in the project.

The project for the construction of a shoe cluster, in which the Italian company Mac Senior is participating as one of the investors, is currently under consideration by the Government of the Russian Federation on the issue of granting the territory of priority social and economic development (TOSED) the territory chosen for the construction of the cluster. This status will give additional preferences for project investors, such as benefits in terms of property tax, payroll fund - for contributions to the MHIF, the Social Insurance Fund, as well as income tax for a certain period.

According to the management of the Obuv Rossii company, the enterprise plans to build several production facilities within the cluster, including a sewing factory, on which we will sew the top of the shoe for our enterprise in Berdsk; a factory for the production of components for shoes; factory for the production of classic model shoes. For this Shoe of Russia, 1 ha of land is needed, since production will take 1,5 -2 thousand square meters. Investments in current prices will amount to about 2 billion rubles.

“We were given space projects that are available in Linevo and we curled about our needs. Depending on the coincidence of the interests of investors, it will be clear - we are developing old sites or developing new ones. There is a new platform on which to build - everything will depend on the proposals that the government will make, ”commented the director of Obuv Rossii Sergey Yung.

The head of one of the organizers of the project of the Agency for Investment Development, Vladimir Nikonov, previously reported that investments in the shoe cluster project in TOSED will amount to about 80 million euros. As planned by the organizers, two production enterprises and an incubator should appear in the Novosibirsk Region during the first year of the project, including a center for comprehensive personnel training, a certification center, quality control, etc.

The status of TOSED, according to the law, gives resident companies a number of preferences - exemption for 5 years from paying the federal part of income tax, lowering the rate of income tax (in the regional part), lowering insurance rates for 10 years, exemption from paying tax on property and land tax. In addition, the Monotown Development Fund provides the opportunity to co-finance the construction and development of infrastructure for the implementation of investment projects in a single-industry town in the amount of up to 95%.

Source: infopro54.ru

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Obuv Rossii GC may become one of the investors in the shoe cluster in the village. Linevo of the Novosibirsk region and is ready to invest about 2 billion ...

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