The shoe company made a forecast for 2012 year
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The shoe company made a forecast for 2012 year

The upcoming 2012 year for shoe companies will be very difficult, as well as for the entire Russian business. Future difficulties are associated with an uncertain forecast of the exchange rate, a change in the situation in Chinese industries, and a decrease in the profitability of small businesses. In retail, system companies will not suffer. The shoe company came to such conclusions, summing up the results of the year and making a forecast for the 2012 year.

Difficulties in predicting the ruble against the dollar will lead to the question for importers of both the finished product and components for production: raise the price in advance or reduce production. Now, according to the Ministry of Economic Development, the forecast of the ruble against the dollar in 2012 varies from 28,7 to 38,2 rubles. per dollar, depending on the cost of a barrel of oil and global economic growth or its absence.

Difficulty placing orders is caused by rising labor costs in China, where the lion's share of all footwear is produced, and a decline in skilled workers. More than 20 million people are currently employed in 000 Chinese factories. On average, wages increased by 6-10% per year, which is why factory owners began to move production from the east coast to the interior of the country, where wages are much lower: for comparison, workers on the coast now receive an average of about $ 20 per month, in the central regions of China - from $ 300 to 100.

The onset of discount chains cannot but affect the marginal income of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.
“I think that manufacturers will remain on the market, including Chinese ones that trade in small wholesale markets and system companies with exclusive interesting collections,” says Yulia Chursina, Marketing Director of “The time of resellers is over. In retail, clearly positioned operators will not suffer, the rest will give way to chain retail and discounters. "

The past as a whole for the shoe market was quite complicated. The protracted spring did not allow retail stores to “tear off” summer shoes until sales. The fall season was not bad, but in those regions where the winter arrived very late, the sales figures for winter shoes left much to be desired.

“For, the year was very busy. - Specifies Julia Chursina, - We have restored our position after the crisis in the market of Western Europe. The company has increased the number of retail points of sale in Slovakia and began wholesale sales in Croatia. We have gained a foothold in the North American market. Our shoes appeared in Canada and even in Australia. ”
The volume of orders for the Spring-Summer 2012 season increased by 18%, even compared with the very good Spring-Summer 2011 season for the company.

The KEDDO and BETSY youth shoe brands, which are owned by the company, lead retail sales for most customers. By citation index, Keddo came close to the leader of Internet queries - the Ecco brand.

The upcoming 2012 year for shoe companies will be very difficult, as well as for the entire Russian business. Future difficulties are associated with an uncertain forecast of the exchange rate, a change in the situation ...

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