Omsk shoe retailers close stores
07.05.2015 3529

Omsk shoe retailers close stores

From the beginning of the 2015 year in Omsk three stores of the capital's “Trade Center“ Centrobuv ”were closed at once. The franchiser explained the reduction of the Omsk network as a failed attempt to agree on new conditions with landlords.

“In general, we plan to close about 50 stores in Russia this year,” the company said. So far, this is the first network that has carried out such a significant optimization in Omsk.

“Last year, in Omsk, 4 new stores were opened. The main task for this year is to “promote” these trading floors.

Based on statistics, according to which 21% of Russians intend to save on clothes and shoes, it is not surprising that other players are also slowing down.

“Since the beginning of the year, we have closed 10-15 unprofitable stores, instead of them we will open about 20 new ones. The network’s growth rate has almost halved this year compared to the last five years, ”said Vladimir Denisenko, Director General of Unichel Shoe Company.

Despite the sad trend, the Omsk chain of stores StepClub recently opened a new shoe store New Balance. “We do not plan to close stores,” company representatives said, adding that “fashion brands and guaranteed quality will be in demand in times of crisis.” Experts think the opposite. According to analyst of FINAM Timur Nigmatullin, in the 2015 year, the shoe market will shrink by 15-40%. “This will happen mainly due to the middle and high price segment as solvent demand decreases. The low price segment will demonstrate a fairly high resistance to negative conditions, since shoes in this segment are essential goods, ”he said.

According to him, the shoe market in the Omsk region is about 120-200 million dollars. According to companies and open sources, the leaders in Omsk in the number of stores in April 2015 were the Novosibirsk group of companies Obuv Rossii, whose network includes 29 outlets, Chelyabinsk “Unichel shoe company - 20, and Omsk StepClub - 18.

Centro / Tsentrobuv - 14, Omsk-based manufacturing company Arthur - 11 are very behind the top three, Kari chain with five outlets closes the list.

From the beginning of the 2015 year in Omsk three stores of the capital's “Trade Center“ Centrobuv ”were closed at once. The franchiser explained the reduction of the Omsk network by a failed attempt to agree on new conditions with ...

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