Shoe retailers will again increase prices by 20%
31.08.2015 3055

Shoe retailers will again increase prices by 20%

Sellers of clothes and shoes will increase prices by about 20% in anticipation of the active season of September sales, predicts Anna Lebsak-Kleimans, CEO of Fashion Consulting Group (FCG). In her opinion, importers who do not have their own production in Russia are forced to increase prices: "They do not have enough funds to purchase the following collections." The revision of prices applies not only to new collections, but even to the remnants of previous ones.

Not all retailers will adjust prices. The increase will be carried out by stores of the mid-price segment and above - the mass market will be able to keep the value of the goods. Large networks can wait out the crisis time - Russia accounts for no more than 3 – 5% in the total revenue of these companies.

The situation in the mid-price segment is also smoothed by a decrease in competition: many foreign companies have left the Russian market. The devaluation of the ruble did not affect only sellers of clothes and shoes on the Internet, as well as stores of the low-price segment.

Clothing and footwear sellers will increase prices by about 20% ahead of the active September sales season, predicts Anna, Fashion Consulting Group (FCG) CEO ...

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