Okhotny Ryad and Evropeisky reinforced security
26.12.2010 2042

Okhotny Ryad and Evropeisky reinforced security

Riots deprived buyers of stores located in Moscow on Manezhnaya Square and the square of Kiev Station. The Okhotny Ryad and Evropeisky shopping centers, which in the last two or three weeks of December make about 25% of annual revenue, are forced to close at 16-18 in the evening. This is reported by the site As they said in the Sela store, located in Evropeisky, near the end of the day they announced the impending evacuation of visitors and staff via a loudspeaker, and after that, representatives of the shopping center administration phoned all the shops of the complex. But since the upcoming campaign became known in advance, there were few buyers in the mall. In the Pull & Bear store, it was reported that the revenue for daytime work did not exceed 10 thousand rubles, although on ordinary days by six in the evening it is three times as much. Andrei Sukhov, manager of the Okhotny Ryad shopping center, said there were even more buyers inside the complex on Saturday, as many were waiting for street riots there. On Monday, according to the manager, the center was closed from 16 to 22 hours. Retailers working in Okhotny Ryad experienced a drop in sales. If the riots drag out, stores in central Moscow can suffer serious losses. As director of the retail real estate department at Penny Lane Realty Alexei Mogila calculated, the hourly revenue of all European operators is 3,94 million rubles, and in Okhotny Ryad - 1,37 million rubles. subject to the December allowance. Thus, the total losses could already be about 32 million rubles. “If the authorities and the media do not sow panic and escalate the situation, then the business will get off with small losses,” said Andrei Sukhov. “Otherwise, the losses could be significant.” In any case, now the administration of shopping centers has strengthened security and the centers have switched to work in full mode.

Riots deprived buyers of stores located in Moscow on Manezhnaya Square and the square of Kiev Station.

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