Shoe Partnership Launches 2.0 Exchange.
24.02.2012 3188

Shoe Partnership Launches 2.0 Exchange.

The Inter-Regional Non-Profit Shoe Partnership (MNPO) has launched the 2.0 exchange, which provides manufacturers, distributors, and retail store owners with a new distribution channel for product residues. And buyers of children's shoes in bulk have the opportunity to purchase goods at a bargain price.

The new version of the exchange is available to members of the professional community in test mode. It allows you to exchange balances, sell lots in parts, arrange tenders for the most liquid lots, makes it possible to offer deals. Currently, users can familiarize themselves with the functionality, independently creating lots and participating in the auction, as well as leave their comments and suggestions on the work of this service. While the system is in debug mode, therefore, transactions proposed by the participants will not be taken into account.

“The exchange makes it possible to buy or sell a product at its true value. "Mila" is interested in this project, and therefore we are closely following its development, we are studying the functionality and in the future intend to take part in auctions, for example, for an increase, setting a starting minimum cost ", - commented the manager of Mila - wholesale shoes" Alexander Borodin.

The Interregional Non-Profit Partnership of Shoemakers (INPO) has launched Exchange 2.0, which provides manufacturers, distributors and retail store owners with a new distribution channel ...

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