MKAD fare will hit online stores
03.12.2014 3561

MKAD fare will hit online stores

The decision of the Moscow authorities to levy fares on the MKAD and the Third Transport Ring, among other things, will create problems for online stores and courier services. Alexander Ivanov, President of the National Association of Distance Trading (NADT), said that online stores that deliver their goods on the day of order or the next day will suffer most. At the same time, some stores that offer a free delivery service may refuse this service.

On Friday, it became known that the city authorities are discussing the possibility of introducing fares for any cars on the MKAD and the TTK. The minimum fee for an 1 trip can be 200 rubles, an unlimited number of trips in one day can cost from 400 to 600 rubles, and there will be no benefits. The head of the Department of Transport and the Deputy Mayor of Moscow, Maxim Liksutov, publicly promised that the authorities would not make decisions on paid entry into Moscow without public discussion.

According to Ivanov, online stores have several options to minimize their logistics costs: increase the minimum purchase receipt amount for free delivery (today, on average, this amount is 3 rubles), cancel the free delivery service, increase delivery rates in Moscow, and area. As for the delivery services, in the opinion of the President of NADT, the payment for the metropolitan highways may lead to the fact that the delivery time will increase and the tariffs will increase, even for EMS - the fast delivery service of the Russian Post.

As far as tariffs can increase, Ivanov is not yet ready to predict. The delivery services themselves say that so far they will be able to find internal resources to compensate for logistics costs.

As for the Russian Post and its EMS delivery service, there is a chance here to avoid an increase in prices for services. As a source in the company told Izvestia, the Russian Post, when introducing fares on the Moscow Ring Road and the Third Transport Ring, will apply for benefits as a socially significant enterprise, whose services are used by most of the population.

The decision of the capital's authorities to charge tolls on the Moscow Ring Road and the Third Transport Ring, among other things, will create problems for online stores and courier ...

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