Next Generation Chooses Brand
08.06.2011 3066

Next Generation Chooses Brand

The young generation of 18-24 years, tomorrow's consumers are increasingly choosing a pragmatic and rational model of behavior. They grew up in an era of economic and political change, found a period of crisis and witnessed the beginning of the era of digital technology. A Reset Generation study by Initiative showed that young people are ready to buy only reliable and trusted brands, with good value for money.

Unlike their peers from other countries, Russian youth are more mature: most of them work, they better understand the importance of higher education. And if in the world young people give more preference to intangible goods, then in Russia tangible values ​​remain attributes that testify to success - designer clothes, cars and travel.

In answer to the question of what qualities distinguish a good brand, the Russian and foreign audiences were in solidarity - price / quality, trust and reliability are in the first place, displacing fame, recognition and popularity that have been prioritized until recently. In addition, the communicative activity of young consumers with the brand is quite high - 60% of the respondents in the world and 80% in Russia interact with the brand in one way or another, writes

The younger generation of 18-24 years old, consumers of tomorrow are increasingly choosing a pragmatic and rational model of behavior. ...

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