Children's shoe market preferences are changing
21.11.2013 3357

Children's shoe market preferences are changing

According to the research of the children's footwear market by the ExMedia marketing group, the medium price segment, which previously dominated in Yekaterinburg, has expanded.

The graph of changes in the price of the last purchase showed two peaks: the first corresponds to the increased number of supporters of cheaper shoes with a cost of about 840 rubles, the second - expensive ones, on average 1678 rubles per pair. A year earlier, the average purchase price was at the level of 1377 rubles.

“Looking at the information from our partners, one can conclude: either the product offer has increased, or the consumer attitude has begun to change. Today there is powerful propaganda, which cheap does not mean bad. At the same time, the number of offers in the high price segment is growing, which are also accompanied by powerful advertising campaigns. Parents are willing to pay extra for European brands. Hence such a blurred picture. Russian manufacturers react quickly to the current trends.
For example, "Kotofey", which produces boots from a regular membrane at a low price and "softshell" at a high price, or "Paris Commune" with several brands of different price categories in the arsenal: "Elegami" - high, "Paris Commune" - medium, " Stomp ”- low. I don't think that the desire to capture all the price niches can lead to prosperity. You need to clearly define your target audience. If this is not done today, it will happen by itself tomorrow: in the best case, one price group will swallow the other, and in the worst case, neither one nor the other will rise, "commented the manager of Mila - wholesale footwear" Alexander Borodin.
According to the research of the children's footwear market by the ExMedia marketing group, the middle price segment, which previously dominated in Yekaterinburg ...

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