Presentation of Euro Shoes Premiere Collection ended with deep satisfaction of exhibitors and visitors
28.02.2011 2088

Presentation of Euro Shoes Premiere Collection ended with deep satisfaction of exhibitors and visitors

Presentation of Western European Shoes Euro Shoes Premiere Collection 26 February completed its work. Participants received new customers, customers - models from new collections.

All exhibitors unanimously noted the optimal choice of dates. The presentation, held at the end of February, is effective both in terms of placing orders and in terms of delivery of finished products. The presentation was attended by buyers from all over Russia: from Nakhodka to Khabarovsk, from Krasnoyarsk to Sochi, from Yekaterinburg to Kazan. Companies that ordered small pavilions plan to increase exhibition space at the next presentation.

Large brand pavilions Rieker, Hogl, SEARCH, who were at the forefront of the presentation, were traditionally full, managers got off their feet, taking orders. All brands included Wortmann GROUP, were satisfied with the results and have already begun to make plans for the summer. The main thing is to have time to sew a collection.

Representatives of Elta, an importer of Spanish and Portuguese shoes, are pleased that Euro Shoes Premiere Collection visited only by professional buyers and were glad to new customers. Company manager Mascia Design noticed that the orders of Siberians traditionally were dominated by natural fur, elegant models, comfortable heels or thick soles, dark colors, leather, buyers who came from the southern regions, emphasized orders on models fashion, with rhinestones, vibrant colors and high heels.

Thanks to the presentation, the company Rusfashiongroupp significantly expanded the geography of its buyers and successfully presented the TM collection Finnmanner, which only works the second season in Russia. Functional models were in the greatest demand - taking into account the dimension and volume of Russians, and white color became popular in boots.

Director of an Italian factory GNV Giampiero Vico believes that the exhibition is important for promotion and his men's classic shoes GIAMPIERONICOLAand for his feminine fashion-collections ANDREA LATTANZI, because customers from Russia can make orders for the new season earlier, and the company can start production earlier and deliver products on time.

In an Italian company My Woman We were pleased with new customers and the increased volume of orders. The company has already confirmed its participation in the summer presentation.

In total, the February presentation was attended by 64 companies. This season, exhibition space rose to 4,5 thousand square meters. m. In just four days, a presentation Euro Shoes Premiere Collection visited by 4 thousand people.

The presentation of West European shoes Euro Shoes Premiere Collection 26 on February completed its work. Participants received new customers, customers - models from new collections. All exhibitors ...

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