Purchasing goods in foreign online stores will become more expensive
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Purchasing goods in foreign online stores will become more expensive

Since the beginning of 2019, Russia has a new limit on duty-free import of goods from abroad. Currently, a buyer can purchase goods in foreign online stores duty-free if the cost of purchases does not exceed 500 euros per month, previously the limit was 1000 euros, which made it possible to import almost any goods into the Russian Federation. Now, for exceeding the limit, the buyer will pay to the budget of the Russian Federation 30% duty on the amount of the excess.

In this regard, the largest online platform AliExpress introduces new rules. For example, if a buyer makes a number of purchases in excess of 500 euros within a month, he will have to pay a mandatory 30% duty on the excess amount. The duty will go to the budget of the Russian Federation. The duty-free import limit is reset at the beginning of the new month. It is calculated at the moment the parcel enters customs control.

In addition, Russian Post acquired the right to remotely collect duties on goods purchased by Russian citizens abroad if the amount of purchases exceeds the established limit. On January 9, a pilot project was launched, under which Russian Post will remotely levy duties on goods purchased in foreign online stores.

Russian Post will interact with the electronic system of the Federal Customs Service (FCS), where it will send information for each international shipment, including personal data of the buyer, and will also take into account and indicate the total weight and cost of goods that the buyer purchased for the calendar month .

The buyer will pay the duty when placing an order on the website of a foreign online store; the Russian Post has developed a technical solution for this together with the Federal Customs Service. According to the July survey of the Romir holding, during the year, only 5% of Russians made purchases on foreign sites at a cost of € 200 to € 500, and 1% - purchases more expensive than € 1.

Since the beginning of 2019, Russia has a new limit on the duty-free import of goods from abroad. Currently, the buyer can purchase goods in foreign online stores duty free if ...

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