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RALF RINGER sales in Ukraine grew in 2010 by 300%

Sales of RALF RINGER shoes in Ukraine in 2010 increased by 300%, both in monetary terms and in pairs, the company said.

If in 2009 Russian-made shoes were available only in Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk, then in 2010 new points of sale were opened in 13 other major cities. At the beginning of 2011, RALF RINGER shoes were presented in 39 stores, 4 of which are monobrands. Such active growth became possible due to the expansion of the pool of retail partners, the opening of its own company stores and a large-scale advertising campaign (press, outdoor advertising, metro and supermarket advertising, transport advertising).

According to the official representative of the company in Ukraine Alexey Sivak, in 2011 growth will continue. In January, in Ukraine for the first time a training program for sales personnel on working with the RALF RINGER brand was launched. In addition, the company is negotiating the opening of single-brand stores with large chain malls in Ukraine, such as Magellan, Caravan, Dafi, Dream Town. In total, plans for 2011 include the opening of 15 new stores and an increase in sales in existing retail outlets by 30%. The total gross income in Ukraine will increase by 6,5 million UAH (about 25 million rubles).

Now RALF RINGER outlets are located in 235 settlements of Russia, as well as in Kazakhstan, Armenia and Ukraine. In 2010, sales amounted to 1,3 million pairs.
Sales of RALF RINGER shoes in Ukraine grew by 2010% in 300 year, both in monetary terms and in pairs, the company said.

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