Sales of school shoes fell by 30%
26.08.2015 4692

Sales of school shoes fell by 30%

Ural distributor "Mila" - wholesale shoes "summed up the sales of school shoes. The total turnover amounted to 15 thousand pairs, which is 30% less than last year's results.

“The average cost of one pair of school shoes in bulk has risen from 860 to 1100 rubles. Price increase amounted to 30%. A linear relationship is obvious: rising prices for 30% led to a drop in demand for the same 30%. It would seem that due to the price, revenue should have remained at the same level, but in the end it fell by 10%. Analyzing these figures, we can say that the difficulties in the country also affected the purchasing power of parents in preparing their children for school, ”commented Alexander Borodin, manager of Mila - Wholesale Shoes.

Today, the balances in the Mila warehouse are 1000 pairs of school shoes - this is 6% of turnover. By September 1, 2015, wholesale company employees plan to bring these numbers to 300 pairs and 2%, respectively.

“This is a good indicator for a warehouse at the end of the season, which speaks of competent tactics for purchasing goods. Our estimate is also confirmed by a high rate of turnover: a full turn is equal to 10 days. Profitability at the same time amounted to 50% per month, ”said Borodin.

Ural distributor "Mila" - wholesale shoes "summed up the sales of school shoes.

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