Puma updated Thunder shoe model in collaboration with Lama Jouni Puma x Lama Jouni Thunder Rive Gauche Sneakers
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Puma updated Thunder shoe model in collaboration with Lama Jouni

Puma is developing the global Co.Creative project, in which it attracts young and promising brands from the fashion and music industry to create the design of its models. This time, Lame Juni, the designer of the young clothing brand of the same name from Dubai, was invited to act as the creative director of the brand.

Puma x Lama Jouni Thunder "Rive Gauche" Sneakers Puma x Lama Jouni Thunder "Rive Gauche" Sneakers

“Co.Creative is a unique platform for collaborating with experimenters with incredible creative thinking. We want to engage their minds to get as close as possible to the needs of the buyers, - says the head of Puma Select Yassin Saidi, - we are delighted to collaborate with Lama Juni, who is known for her modern approach to femininity, sophistication and art. "

Puma x Lama Jouni Thunder "Rive Droite" Sneakers Puma x Lama Jouni Thunder "Rive Droite" Sneakers

In a creative partnership, two clothing collections were created - "Rive Droite" and "Rive Gauche" (the names of two parts of Paris located on both sides of the Seine River, "Left Bank" and Right Bank ") .The names of the collections are dedicated to Paris, in which Lama Junie studied design at the Parsons Paris School of Design and Art, and in addition to her athletic apparel, she launched two pairs of sneakers based on the classic Puma Thunder.

Puma x Lama Jouni Thunder "Rive Droite" Sneakers Puma x Lama Jouni Thunder "Rive Droite" Sneakers

Rive Droite Collection went on sale in winter 2018. It is made in an urban style and in bright colors. Thunder sneakers in the Rive Droite collection are presented in two color options - light beige with elements of turquoise and delicate lilac and gray with inserts of berry and deep blue. The top of the sneakers is a compilation of leather, nubuck and suede; on the heel is the signature Rive Droite. In addition to sneakers, the collection contains a short hoodie with a hood and voluminous sleeves and sweatpants.

Rive Gauche Collection will be released in the spring of 2019 of the year. Here, Thunder sneakers got light peach-beige and blue-pink tones. The range also includes velor tops with a long sleeve, a top with open shoulders and sweatpants.

The Rive Droite range was first introduced at the Sole DXB in Dubai. The Rive Gauche collection will go on sale in March 2019.

Puma develops a global project, Co.Creative, which brings young and emerging brands from the fashion and music industries to the design of their ...

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