Putin signed a law on fees
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Putin signed a law on fees

President Vladimir Putin signed a law amending the Tax Code, which allows for the introduction of trade fees in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sevastopol.

The development and introduction of a bill on new municipal taxes in the State Duma became known in early November. Initially, the bill was supposed to affect more than 20 types of services, including trade, toilets, laundries, car repair and maintenance, hairdressers and others. Once a quarter they had to pay fees from 6 to 600 thousand rubles, while municipalities received the right to raise rates by 10 times.

After several adjustments, it turned out that the law only affects trade and only in three cities of federal subordination: in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sevastopol, and the fees were offered to be charged only from trade.

Vladimir Putin explained that the need for new fees is due to the fact that retail chains, according to him, practically do not pay taxes to local budgets.

A group of State Duma deputies asked the Federation Council to reject the bill on the introduction of local trade fees in the conditions of the economic crisis, exacerbated by the difficult geopolitical situation, falling oil prices, lower real disposable incomes of the population and consumer demand, since this measure will significantly worsen the conditions for small businesses. They sent the corresponding appeal to the head of the Federation Council, Valentina Matvienko.

The State Duma passed a law on amendments to the Tax Code on November 21, while the law received a record number of votes “against” - 204. Despite the fact that Valentina Matvienko proposed to declare a moratorium on increasing the tax burden, senators almost unanimously approved the law on fees.

The Association of Retail Companies (AKORT) has also asked Vladimir Putin to veto the municipal trade tax bill if passed. According to the authors of the appeal, the bill “actually violates the opinion formulated by Putin that it is inexpedient to increase the tax burden on the non-resource sectors of the economy until 2018”. In addition, the bill violates the basic principles of state tax policy, as entrepreneurs will have to pay fees even before the first profit is received. "

According to the official website of the president, a trade charge can be introduced in these cities no earlier than July 1 2015.

"In municipalities that are not part of the cities of federal significance, the trade tax can be introduced only after the adoption of a special federal law," the statement says.

President Vladimir Putin signed a law on amendments to the Tax Code, which allows the introduction of trade taxes in Moscow, St. Petersburg and ...

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