Santoni Advertising Returns to 20th Century Los Angeles
29.06.2016 2612

Santoni Advertising Returns to 20th Century Los Angeles

Italian luxury footwear brand Santoni has launched an ad campaign to promote its Fall / Winter 2016/17 collection. It includes seven images and five short videos. The plot is a love story, a short romance between Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe and XNUMXth century American playwright Arthur Miller.

Actors: Carolyn Vreeland, a talented model and singer, niece of the legendary style icon Diana Vreeland, and writer, screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis. True Americans, they presented the collection in the best traditions of the Californian style. The duet of Carolyn Vreeland and Bret Easton Ellis, who embodied the images of cult personalities, embodies the glamorous style of modern Los Angeles - the center of world cinema, which later became the new world capital of art and fashion.

Santoni SPA is an Italian company manufacturing luxury handmade shoes and a fashion brand. In addition to shoes in the collection of the brand there are bags and accessories.

Italian luxury footwear brand Santoni has launched an advertising campaign to promote its ...

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