Zalando Record Sales
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Zalando Record Sales

The turnover of the Zalando online store, which is headquartered in Berlin, amounted to 2011 million euros in 510, sales increased by almost 250% per year.

This is due to geographical expansion, and a broad advertising campaign, and the improvement of the service.

In 2011, Zalando launched its own logistics center. The construction of the second has already begun in the German city of Erfurt, it should be commissioned in 2012 year.

In February 2012, Zalando successfully completed investment negotiations with the DST Global Investment Fund, which announced that it was acquiring 4% Zalando. The fund also holds shares in Google, Facebook, Groupon and Alibaba. “More than half of our activities are located outside the country. And more than half of the sales are not in shoes, ”says Rubin Ritter, managing director of the online retailer.

Zalando was founded in 2008 and was originally engaged in the online sale of footwear. In 2009, the Austrian version of the site opened, followed by the Dutch, French, Italian, British, Swiss. In 2012, Mr. Zalando began work in Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Denmark and Finland.

In Brazil, a subsidiary project opened under the name www.dafiti.com.br, in Japan - www.locondo.jp, in Russia - www.lamoda.ru, in Australia - www.theiconic.com.au.

In addition to international expansion, the German online store launched its own brand and opened an offline shopping center in Berlin. Further in the plans of the company are Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and strengthening in Southeast Asia.

According to the company, about 30 thousand pairs of shoes are sold daily through the online store, including the British youth brands BETSY and KEDDO. The owners are confident that 300% growth per year is quite realistic plans for 2012. By the beginning of 2013, the company expects to achieve a turnover of 1,3 billion euros. My materials analpa.ru.

The turnover of the Zalando online store, which is headquartered in Berlin, amounted to 2011 million euros in 510, sales increased by almost 250% per year. This is due to the geographical ...

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