Recruiting portal calculated the salaries of store directors
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Recruiting portal calculated the salaries of store directors

In August 2011, the research center of the recruiting portal Superjob studied the proposals of employers and the expectations of applicants for the position of "Store Director" in 12 cities of Russia.

As the study revealed, employers in Moscow offer candidates for the position of store director a salary of about 50 thousand rubles. per month. In St. Petersburg, store directors can count on an average income of 40 thousand rubles. Average salary offers in Samara are 27 thousand rubles, in Kazan - 25 thousand rubles.

Applicants with experience in retailing from 3 years can apply for the post of store director. Chances for employment are specialists with both higher and secondary specialized education. Candidates are required to have knowledge of retail methods and technologies, the law on consumer protection, sales rules, and cash discipline. Employers are ready to entrust the management of the store to specialists who are knowledgeable in issues of managing and motivating personnel, labor protection and primary bookkeeping. Salaries of beginning managers in the capital range from 30 thousand to 40 thousand rubles, in the city on the Neva - from 25 thousand to 32 thousand rubles, in Samara and Kazan - from 15 thousand to 20 thousand rubles.

Employers offer higher earnings to candidates with work experience as store directors for at least 1 years. Applicants are required to have knowledge of all areas of the retail store and good managerial skills. The income of managers of this level in Moscow reaches 45 thousand rubles, in the northern capital - 37 thousand rubles, in Samara and Kazan - 23 thousand rubles.

Entry into the next salary range is open to applicants with more than 2 years of store management experience. Applicants need to have experience with a certain category of goods and master the intricacies of communication with regulatory organizations. The salary of such directors in Moscow reaches 57 thousand rubles, in St. Petersburg - 47 thousand rubles, in Samara and Kazan - 30 thousand rubles.

The largest earnings offer directors of large stores. Such organizations require applicants to work in trading enterprises with a similar size and headcount. The total store management experience must be at least 3 years. Additional wishes are also possible. Thus, organizations working with foreign partners are interested in candidates who speak English. Newly created stores need managers who have experience in developing a retail outlet from scratch, and elite boutiques need specialists with skills in working with luxury goods. The maximum salary offers for store directors in Moscow are 100 thousand rubles, in St. Petersburg - 85 thousand rubles, in Samara - 55 thousand rubles, in Kazan - 50 thousand rubles.

As the study showed, middle-aged women with higher education most often apply for the position of store director. Most applicants are specialists aged 30-39 years (44%). The fair sex is 69%. 77% of store directors have higher education. One in ten is fluent in English.

The research center of the recruiting portal Superjob in August 2011 studied the proposals of employers and the expectations of applicants for the position of "Store Director" in 12 cities ...

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