Warehouses go out of fashion
02.09.2014 2627

Warehouses go out of fashion

In 2014, the clothing and footwear segment demonstrates slower growth rates. Against the background of a slight depreciation of the ruble, new development trends are observed in the shoe and fashion industries. Changes in the structure of logistics have also become noticeable. If a few years ago it was enough to simply ensure the presence of goods on store shelves, now it is necessary to optimize the entire supply chain, especially taking into account the delivery of goods from the manufacturer to the regions. Maximum attention is now being paid to reducing logistics costs for warehouse services, since the warehouse is the main source of costs for the clients of the logistics operator. The main expectation of companies today is to get warehouse services as cheaply as possible, and accordingly, the priority is shifting from quality to cost. The logistics operator is faced with the task of satisfying the client's request as much as possible at the appropriate price, partially sacrificing already not always high margins and optimizing internal processes in an effort to reduce internal costs. Nowadays, pick-by-line services are gaining more and more popularity among the players of the Fashion-industry and the footwear market - the goods arrive at the warehouse of the logistics operator consolidated and immediately, without storage, are distributed to orders in stores. This minimizes storage costs.

In addition, if earlier it was convenient for companies to keep large quantities of goods in stock, now they are carefully analyzing stocks. And if the new model range is quickly shipped to “solvent” regions, then the previous collections are sent to regions with lower purchasing power at discount prices.

In the 2014 year, the “Clothing and footwear” segment showed a slowdown. Against the background of a slight depreciation of the ruble, new development trends are observed in the footwear and fashion industry. They became noticeable and ...

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