Centipede opened at Komsomol
08.06.2012 2633

Centipede opened at Komsomol

A large shopping center opened its doors to the Centipede. The new store of the “Sorokonozhka” brand chain is located on the third floor of the Komsomoll shopping mall (Yekaterinburg). The festive opening took place last weekend.
Children were entertained by invited artists, life-size puppets and a professional make-up artist with face painting. Parents were expected to be interested in the festival - a wide selection of models of comfortable and beautiful shoes from leading domestic manufacturers “Kotofey”, “Zebra”, “Lel”, as well as discounts in honor of the opening. “Our store has the right shoes. Most models have anatomical insoles, stiff backs that contribute to the proper formation of the children's foot and prevention of flat feet, ”said Lyubov Kovalenko, director of the Centipede store.
“The opening of the Centipede in Komsomol is an important event at the stage of active development of the network. The shopping center is actively promoting itself in the market of Yekaterinburg, which, together with the “Centipedes” advertising campaign, will increase the popularity of the umbrella brand and a greater influx of customers not only from the nearby Blue Stones, Reinforced Concrete Products, Vtuzgorodok, but also from all over Yekaterinburg, ”commented the manager of Mila »- shoes wholesale» Alexander Borodin.
A large shopping center opened its doors to the "Centipede". The new store of the “Sorokonozhka” brand chain is located on the third floor of the Komsomoll shopping mall (Yekaterinburg). The festive opening took place in ...

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