Ranked cities by brand presence
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Ranked cities by brand presence

The Magazin Magazinov company prepared a rating of the largest cities in Russia by the presence of international brands.

TOP-5 cities in terms of the number of international brands represented has remained unchanged over the three years of the corresponding monitoring. The first three positions are traditionally occupied by the most developed retail real estate and retail chains - Moscow, where 94% of the total number of international brands present in Russia is represented, St. Petersburg (54%) and Yekaterinburg (40%). Krasnodar (33%) and Rostov-on-Don (32%) round out the top five.

Compared to last year, the picture of the current rating has not undergone significant changes, due to the low growth rate of the new supply of high-quality retail real estate in the past year, and, as a result, the lower activity of retailers in conquering new markets. In general, compared to last year, international brands opened 2,3 times fewer stores.

Rating data clearly demonstrate that international retail follows high-quality shopping centers to the regions. Cities, whose real estate market is not replenished with high-quality shopping centers, invariably lag behind and continue to lose position in the ranking. Such cities include, among others, Perm, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Tyumen, Kemerovo, Tomsk, Novokuznetsk. In the real estate markets of these cities there is not a sufficient supply of quality space, which determines the low level of competition in the retail segment. Given the fact that the standard of living of the population there is quite high by Russian standards, we can talk about the high potential for the development of international networks in these cities.

Andrei Vasyutkin, head of the research and consulting department of Magazin Magazinov, comments: “We believe that these cities should be in the immediate plans for expansion of the networks. And the results of the preliminary negotiations prove the high interest of retailers in these markets. For example, Perm, with a population of over 1 million, is an attractive city for retail chains of any segment. All the major international retailers interviewed by us are ready to consider opening immediately in several high-quality shopping and entertainment centers in Perm, which will open in the near future. ”

The lowest penetration rate of international brands, as well as last year, was noted in Naberezhnye Chelny. Until the 2015 year, one should not expect a change in the situation: this year the city does not plan to commission a single high-quality shopping center. In 2015, the opening of several projects is expected, including the largest shopping and entertainment center in Naberezhnye Chelny - the Grand Voyage

The study “International Brands: the Degree of Development in Russia”, conducted by Magazin Magazinov Magazines. For the third year in a row, it covers more than 400 international brands in the 36 largest cities in Russia, studies their presence, identifies differences depending on the profile and region, gives an idea of ​​the main retail development trends in the country.

The Magazin Magazinov company has prepared a rating of the largest cities in Russia by the presence of international ...

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