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Social media decides to make a purchase
10.07.2015 3320

Social media decides to make a purchase

The activities of retailers in social media are much stronger than their websites or search engines, affects the attraction of customers and gives them the desire to try something new, follows from the report of Epsilon Data Management LLC.

The aim of the Epsilon study was to find out what motivates shoppers to try new brands and products. The most significant factors turned out to be the use of social media by retailers (29%), the use of social media by brands (28%), printed coupons (23%), daily transaction sites (22%) and friends' messages on social media (21%).

Although consumers can use the retailer’s site more often, social media, apps, and even coupons have a large impact on their purchase and decision making, including which stores they visit and the number of unplanned purchases. The top five digital tools include retailer posts on social networks (35%), price comparison sites (35%), trading applications (34%), brand messages on social networks (33%), reviews (33%), and printed coupons ( 32%).

"This does not mean that you need to make a buy button on social media. It is rather irrelevant," says Forrester Research analyst Suharita Malpuru.

“In fact, the main opportunity that social media provides is not sales, but data about which keywords and images are trending now,” she writes on her blog. "These are very important demand signals that retailers cannot always get on their own."

The activities of retailers in social media are much stronger than their websites or search engines, it affects the attraction of customers and makes them want to try something ...

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