Social networks are gaining weight in business
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Social networks are gaining weight in business

Social networks are becoming an increasingly popular tool used for doing business in the Russian Federation. In particular, a study commissioned by Research In Motion showed that 74% of Russians consider digital communications, mobile computers and social networks to be important elements of their daily activities, including work.

24% of respondents consider digital technology an integral part of their operating activities. 67% agree that these high-tech tools have helped them establish more trusting relationships with customers and partners.

More than half of the companies (53%), intensively using mobile access to social networks, are focused on achieving growth. At the same time, 70% of companies that do not use social media focus only on cash flow management during a period of market instability.

31% of companies using mobile access to social networks were able to expand their business by strengthening their offer of products and services. Among companies that do not use social networks, only every tenth (12%) showed similar results.

Note that social networks are more popular with small businesses: 69% of such companies use social networks because they believe that they help them compete more effectively in the market with larger rivals.

«Цифровые сервисы и социальные сети уравнивают позиции организаций различного размера, позволяя компаниям малого бизнеса использовать в своей работе такие же технологические решения и средства общения с клиентами и партнерами, как их более крупные конкуренты, - прокомментировал Рори О Нил, вице-президент RIM по программному обеспечению и сервисам в регионе EMEA. - Социальные сети, облачные технологии и мобильные устройства помогают компаниям малого бизнеса трансформироваться в цифровые организации нового поколения. На фоне того, что многие крупные компании не в состоянии четко сформулировать свою стратегию действий в социальных медиа, компании малого бизнеса быстро адаптируются к работе в социальных сетях».

Even in the current market situation, companies using social networks are twice as likely (18%) to see themselves able to win a client from a large competitor, compared to those 10% who do not use social communications.

European small business companies operating exclusively in online mode are much more likely to use mobile access to social networks compared to those working from a physical office (82% and 18%, respectively). 60% of companies using mobile access to social networks consider mobile to be the most important sales tool in the small business segment. Many entrepreneurs note that mobile access to their own site, as well as applications for Facebook and Twitter help them to develop a client base and work everywhere, as quickly as possible responding to customer requests and orders. About this writes the magazine "Practice of trade."
Социальные сети становятся все более популярным инструментом, используемым для ведения бизнеса в РФ. В частности исследование, проведенное по заказу Research In Motion, показало, что 74% россиян…

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