TheMicam will be held early on
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TheMicam will be held early on

TheMicam, the largest Italian shoe exhibition, will continue to be held earlier. Recall that this year the shoe store first took place immediately after the holidays: from 31 of August to 3 of September, almost the same dates were confirmed for the next year: from 1 to 4 of September, while earlier the exhibition was held in the middle of the month.

The decision to postpone the show, made by the President of the Italian Shoe Manufacturers Association, Cleto Sagripanti, in order to bring the exhibition in line with the period of international exhibitions and purchasing sessions, caused discontent among a number of Italian companies, which had a hard time preparing for the event on a tight deadline on their return. from vacations. However, Sagripanti remained unshakable: “The past salon gave us the opportunity to be convinced that the postponement of the conduct led to an increase in orders made at the exhibition, despite the overall decrease in the number of visitors caused by the difficult situation on the Italian market coupled with the Russian crisis,” he said ...

In total, the number of guests of the last theMicam was 34 176 people, which is 11,5% less than in September 2013 of the year (38 621). The decline is caused primarily by a decrease in the number of buyers from Russia and Ukraine. The winter show will be held from 15 to 18 on February 2015.

TheMicam, the largest Italian shoe exhibition, will continue to be held earlier.

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