"Tiko" 1 July will open the first single brand in Moscow
14.06.2011 2744

"Tiko" 1 July will open the first single brand in Moscow

Turkish children's footwear manufacturer Tiko will open its first retail store in Moscow on July 1.

A children's footwear store called Tiflani will open in the Sovenok shopping center. On the site of this store there was already a multi-brand of children's shoes. According to the head of the company Artur Sarkisov, the company expanded the area of ​​this store to 40 sq.m., made a new design project and provided new content for the range.

Thus, the first Tiflani store in Moscow will sell 90% of the Tiflani brand assortment, and 10% of Tiko shoes. The difference between the brands is that "Tiko" is a preventive shoe, Tiflani is a weekend and casual one. The store will operate in the “average plus” segment. The range includes shoes for boys and girls from 7 months to 13 years old.

In the future, the company plans to open stores not only in Moscow, but also in the regions. 

So far, Tiko and Tiflani brands can be purchased at five retail stores in the capital. “In retail stores, we are testing the range in order to know what to recommend to our wholesale partners. After all, there are shoe models of past seasons that are in demand now and sell well. We will find out based on the results of retail sales, ”explains Arthur Sarkisov.

Turkish children's footwear manufacturer Tiko will open its first retail store in Moscow on July 1.

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