TJ COLLECTION created its own AI stylist Virtual fashion stylist TJ Collection Tanya
27.05.2024 1983

TJ COLLECTION created its own AI stylist

The shoe and accessories brand TJ Collection turned to artificial intelligence technologies and created a virtual fashion stylist - a girl named Tanya, who talks about the brand's new products on its social networks. Tanya, 26 years old, is interested in fashion and contemporary art.  

For several seasons now, the company has been using artificial intelligence to develop new shoe models. Now the brand has begun testing neural networks to communicate with an audience of consumers and promote its new products in collections of shoes and accessories.

“This experiment is aimed at developing a new customer experience. We continue to improve the AI ​​model so that at first glance it is difficult to recognize the generated image, voice, or plasticity. Only after the second review conducted by Tanya, we decided to talk about the project. The next stage is going offline. The AI ​​stylist will continue to talk about current trends on social networks to our subscribers, and will also begin conducting special training sessions for employees,” note the TJ Collection team.

The brand has been developing its own direction in digital fashion for several years. In 2022 he introduced first line of clothing, which was adapted for the metaverse on the Roblox platform. Last season, the TJ COLLECTION brand and MidJourney created a collection of the future, showing what people will wear in 30 years, in 2053. The prototypes were real models presented in the brand’s showrooms. This spring, the company, together with the National Research University Higher School of Economics, launched in the metaverse Spatial digital fashion museum and brand history; Several thousand people have already visited it.

TJ Collection  is an international brand of footwear, clothing and accessories founded in London in 1993. The company employs more than 2000 employees. Today the brand is represented in more than 200 showrooms in Europe and on major European marketplaces. The company has offices in the UK (London), Italy (Florence), Spain (Barcelona), Portugal (Porto) and Hong Kong. On the Russian market the company is represented by three brands TJ Collection, Carnaby and Chester. 

The shoe and accessories brand TJ Collection turned to artificial intelligence technologies and created a virtual fashion stylist - a girl named Tanya, who talks about the brand’s new products in…

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