Atlantic City shopping mall in St. Petersburg will strengthen fashion-gallery St. Petersburg shopping mall Atlantic City (leasable area - 31 000 sq. M)
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Atlantic City shopping mall in St. Petersburg will strengthen fashion-gallery

Shopping and entertainment complex Atlantic City, located in the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg, will update the concept. The owner of the shopping center, the Atlantic company, plans to strengthen the shopping gallery and renovate the complex in order to maximize the potential of the facility.

According to forecasts, the attendance of the mall will grow to 20-25 thousand people a day. The international consulting company Colliers International has been appointed the exclusive marketing and brokerage consultant of the complex, on whose account this is already the fifth case of the concept of a large retail facility in St. Petersburg.

Multifunctional complex Atlantic City with an area of ​​105 sq. m, located on the street. Savushkina, 000, includes a shopping and entertainment complex (total area - 126 sq. M, leasable area - 80 sq. M), a class A business center (total area - 000 sq. M), as well as ground and underground parking for 31 cars. The shopping and entertainment complex has been successfully operating since 000 in the premium segment and generates stable rental income. By 25, upon completion of the city's largest construction projects, the coverage area of ​​the shopping and entertainment complex will be expanded to almost 000 million people, and its impact will extend not only to residents of Primorsky, but also Vasileostrovsky and Petrogradsky districts.

As part of the renovation, Atlantic City shopping mall will double its fashion gallery, strengthen it with international and federal clothing stores, and expand its space for the restaurant area. As a result of these changes, the shopping and entertainment center will be able to offer visitors a wide selection of fashion brands of different price categories, while retaining its key advantage - the established gallery of clothing stores, shoes and accessories of the “medium plus” and “premium” segments. The updated Atlantic City Broadcasting Company will include 130 stores, at least 100 of which will be occupied by international and federal brands of clothes, shoes and accessories. Among the anchor tenants will be the Finnish Prisma grocery supermarket, the Mirage Cinema cinema with a VIP zone, the World Class premium fitness center and the Bosco Outlet multi-brand clothing department store. Much attention will be paid to catering establishments: cafes will be located on all floors, new restaurants will open, and the range of concepts for the restaurant courtyard will expand. Changes in planning decisions and internal logistics of the complex will occur without closing it for visitors. The rental campaign will last a little over a year and will end in the second quarter of 2018.

Primorsky district today is a leader in the implementation of large-scale development and infrastructure projects. In 2018, the Begovaya metro station will open less than 100 meters from the Atlantic City shopping and entertainment center, which will be included in the top ten busiest stations in the city and will become a major transportation hub, oriented not only to residents of the northern part of the Primorsky district, but also to the nearest satellite cities. The city’s largest business cluster is being formed within walking distance from the shopping and entertainment center: with the implementation of the Lakhta Center public business complex, Gazprom’s headquarters, about 30 thousand new jobs will appear in Primorsky district. For the World Cup in 2018, a pedestrian bridge will be built that will connect the Primorsky district with the western part of Krestovsky Island, where the construction of the Zenit Arena stadium is nearing completion. Upon completion of the construction of interchanges of the Western High-Speed ​​Diameter, residents of Vasilievsky Island, who experience a shortage of high-quality shopping centers, will also have quick access to Atlantic City shopping mall.

The designed overpass over the railroad tracks on Turistskaya Street will provide residents of the north-coastal part of the region, where more than 75 thousand people live, convenient access to the shopping and entertainment complex. A significant improvement in transport accessibility will lead to an increase in the number of potential visitors: by 2018, more than 30 million people will live in the 1,85-minute transport accessibility from the mall.

The Atlantic City multifunctional complex with panoramic views of the Gulf of Finland is located in a prestigious part of the Primorsky district near the 300 anniversary park of St. Petersburg, at the intersection of Savushkina and Begovaya streets. In addition to the shopping and entertainment complex, the IFC includes a class A business center - one of the tallest buildings in the city. The project developer, Atlantic Group of Companies, acts as a customer, investor and general contractor of commercial and residential real estate. At present, the company is implementing the Elagin Apart complex of apartments.

“To date, a unique pool of tenants has been formed in the Atlantic City shopping and entertainment complex, which has no analogues in any shopping center in the city. We will preserve our favorite brands of regular visitors to the complex and supplement them with new ones that will be appreciated by employees and visitors of one of the city’s largest business locations, as well as residents of not only the Primorsky district, but also neighboring ones, ”commented the General Director of Atlantik Yuri Sulyagin.


Shopping and entertainment complex Atlantic City, located in the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg, will update the concept. The owner of the mall, the Atlantic company, plans to strengthen the shopping gallery and ...

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