"Tsentrobuv" will check the police
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"Tsentrobuv" will check the police

The metropolitan police filed a lawsuit against the management of the company Centrobuv. One of the creditors of Gazprombank accused Tsentrobuvi of having partially withdrawn bank loans from the company with the approval of its co-owners, which led to a debt to the creditor in the amount of 8,6 billion rubles, Kommersant writes.

As the investigation suggests, money could be withdrawn by paying transactions at deliberately inflated prices. At the same time, it became known that the Moscow prosecutor's office requested the materials of the criminal case to verify the legality of his initiation.

As a reminder, on March 29, the Moscow Arbitration Court introduced a monitoring procedure against Tsentrobuv Trading House JSC - at the request of Sandorini LLC, a Moscow-based property management company, due to a debt of 4,09 million rubles. Meanwhile, according to the GPB, Sberbank and VTB are also on the list of Tsentrobuvi's creditors. According to SPARK, the long-term and short-term liabilities of Tsentrobuv Trading House JSC at the end of 2014 exceeded RUB 25 billion. In 2015, 478 claims were filed against Tsentrobuvi for a total of 5,9 billion rubles; since the beginning of 2016, 210 applications for 360,3 million rubles have been registered. The bankruptcy proceedings are scheduled for September 6.

Kommersant's source, familiar with the company's activities, connects its financial problems with the conflict of shareholders and with the arrival of the well-known businessman Vladimir Palikhata. “He came as a potential investor in the fall of 2015, he was invited by Anatoly Gurevich and Dmitry Svetlov, Sergey Lomakin and Artem Khachatryan opposed him,” says the source. According to the interlocutor of Kommersant, the proposal of Mr. Palikhata was to create a new legal entity, on the basis of which the business was to develop in the future. He allegedly intended to invest 4 billion rubles in the project. subject to the consent of all shareholders. However, due to the refusal of Lomakin and Khachatryan for the deal, the money was not received by the company. Vladimir Palikhata, according to a Kommersant source, also took part in one of the meetings of the retailer's shareholders and Gazprombank as an observer.

Tsentrobuv, established in 1992, today operates about 700 stores and is the largest footwear chain in Russia. According to SPARK-Interfax, 99,99% of Tsentrobuv Trading House JSC belongs to Cyprus-based Plazia Consulting Ltd, the ultimate owner of which is British Centrofasion Corp. According to Kommersant's data, 40,3% of the British company belongs to Anatoly Gurevich, 16,2% to Dmitry Svetlov, 6,6% to Leonid Makaron, 16,4% each to Sergey Lomakin and Artem Khachatryan. LLC "Centro" (engaged in import and export) is 99,99% owned by Plazia Consulting Ltd. The revenue of JSC "Trading House" Centrobuv "at the end of 2014 was 34,1 billion rubles, net profit - 146,8 million rubles.

The metropolitan police filed a lawsuit against the management of the company Centrobuv.

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