CRPT formed a stock of components and consumables for marking
27.07.2022 973

CRPT formed a stock of components and consumables for marking

The Advanced Technologies Development Center, the operator of the national digital marking and traceability system Chestny Znak, guarantees a stock of components and consumables for marking products for all industries involved in the mandatory marking program for at least six months. The stock is formed in a warehouse in the Moscow region.

The warehouse stores more than 9700 pieces of equipment and consumables for marking - applicators, printers, vision cameras, ribbons, printheads, cartridges, self-adhesive material and others.

The warehouse has formed sets of equipment, consumables and components for prompt shipment, in case any equipment is out of order at the production site. This ensures the support of enterprises with consumables, reduces the risks of stopping production due to a shortage of consumables or equipment breakdown, and the possibility of prompt shipment on the day of request.

Many manufacturers also have their own stocks, 150 system integrators and more than 100 printing houses working with marking have stocked up on equipment and consumables.

“The marking system is a large-scale digital project. It allows you to protect the population from illegal products, shortages of goods and price manipulations. The stock of equipment created by CRPT is a significant support for industries that label their products. CRPT's investments in reserves amounted to more than $1,8 million. For example, we purchased 650 square meters of self-adhesive material. This is enough to produce 1,6 billion label stickers. It should be noted that since the equipment has already been purchased, its cost is fixed, and the industries are insured against currency fluctuations. Expenses will definitely not grow,” said Mikhail Dubin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Central Regional Development Center.

Ekaterina Priezzheva, Director of the Department for the Digital Marking of Goods and Legalization of Product Circulation of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, noted that any market participant can use the equipment, which eliminates the risks of applying marking codes in product groups where marking has already been introduced or is planned. The next step towards the complete elimination of such risks is the localization of the production of the necessary equipment. A number of enterprises have already declared their readiness to take part in such projects.



Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies, the operator of the national system of digital marking and traceability "Chestny Znak" guarantees a stock of components and consumables for marking products for…

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