Turkish company FLO is a new participant of the Euro Shoes exhibition
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Turkish company FLO is a new participant of the Euro Shoes exhibition

In the August exhibition Euro Shoes Turkish company FLO will take part for the first time. It was founded in 1960 by Ahmet Zilan as a small workshop. Today, FLO employs more than 10 thousand people, more than 55 million pairs of shoes are sold annually.

FLOis an actively growing, dynamically developing company that is constantly expanding its borders, serving more than 600 stores in the country and abroad (more than 500 of them are in Turkey, more than 100 are in 21 countries: Azerbaijan, Albania, Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iraq and Georgia). The concept of a multi-brand sneaker shop for sneakers strengthens the FLO sales network every year by increasing points of sale and their availability.

The company is constantly expanding its portfolio of brands: Lumberjack is one of the fastest growing Italian brands acquired by FLO in 2012; in 2019, licensing rights for the Nine West brand were obtained. In addition to these retail brands, FLO represents in wholesale and retail such footwear brands as LUMBERJACK, NINE WEST, NINE WEST Bags, US.POLO, POLARİS, KİNETİX, each of which is a leader in its own segment.

FLO is one of the leaders in the investment sector of the footwear industry in Turkey. The company, which opened a shoe factory in Sanliurfa in 2012, invested 20 million Turkish liras in the project, after which it opened a second factory in the same city, FLO is a pioneer in the creation of an industrial shoe cluster in the Sanlıurfa organized industrial zone. The shoe cluster is positioned as a production and export base for the country's shoe industry and will play a strategic role in the structural transformation of the industry.

As part of its export activities, FLO seeks to further improve its e-commerce performance by integrating international and FLO websites in geographic regions close to Turkey, especially Russia, Romania and Ukraine. In line with the development strategy, by 2023, the company will provide export volume of $ 300 million, open a total of 300 stores in 47 countries, and will strive to make Turkey one of the world's largest footwear bases.

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The Turkish company FLO will take part in the August Euro Shoes exhibition for the first time. It was founded in 1960 by Ahmet Zilan as a small workshop. Today FLO employs over 10 thousand ...
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