Turkish brands Liba Shoes and GUERO on EURO SHOES
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Turkish brands Liba Shoes and GUERO on EURO SHOES

Turkish brands Liba Shoes and GUERO will take part in the upcoming exhibition Euro Shoes premiere collection August 24-27 at the Main Stage.

The GUERO company participates in the EURO SHOES exhibition for the second time, presents its collection of women's shoes. It was founded in 1999 in Turkey. Since then, the factory has made a great contribution to the country's economy. All shoes - boots, shoes and other models - are made of 100% genuine leather and are of very good quality.

The company currently produces over 15 different models for the summer and winter seasons, which are created by very experienced designers. GUERO exports its products to Russia, USA, UK, Germany, France, Poland, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and many other countries.

The manufacturing company LIBA SHOES will present its collection of women's shoes for the first time at the EURO SHOES exhibition. The factory has integrated the latest changes required by the new time into the DNA of its Torelle Shoes brand. “We take on the challenges of tomorrow and the future in order to keep up with the ever-changing trends of the new world and the fashion industry, and even be a brand that sets the current trends. We also want to show those who, like us, have been making shoes for centuries, but remained faithful to all the old, that today our company is updated and modern. We are not trying to be traditional as they are, we are looking for something new, ”the company said in a press release. LIBA SHOES footwear is represented in different countries on all five continents, and the factory also has its own retail in Turkey and abroad.

Turkish brands Liba Shoes and GUERO will take part in the upcoming Euro Shoes premiere collection on August 24-27 at the Main Stage.
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