The usability level of the online store affects the conversion of the visitor to the buyer
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The usability level of the online store affects the conversion of the visitor to the buyer

Russians are increasingly paying attention to the simplicity and ease of use of the online store website during shopping. Despite the fact that the number of online retailers in Russia exceeds 40 thousand units, not all of them can boast a high level of usability.

Among the main parameters that determine the usability level of an online store, high-quality product visualization, quick page loading, a detailed description of product characteristics, navigation on the considered and complementary products, elaborated call-to-action (“visitor's call to action”) and provision of information on availability are highlighted goods. Also an important indicator of the usability of an online store is the convenience of the process of processing and paying for an order.

Evgeny Danilik, the head of the B2C department at DPD in Russia, said that “the convenience of the purchase and the completeness of product information, terms of payment and delivery significantly affect the conversion of the site visitor into a buyer. “Our company regularly encounters the fact that due to incomplete or distorted information about the delivery conditions, the order is canceled, or at the time of delivery there is an awkward moment when the customer’s expectations do not coincide with the order of the online store. Therefore, our managers monitor the pages "Basket", "Delivery" and give feedback to our customers about the completeness, correctness of the information provided, this has a positive effect on the final result. Vivid examples are the services of “fitting the goods”, the choice of “delivery interval”. The buyer, having tried the fitting service, expects it from other online stores. There are also cases when the buyer, knowing that there is no fitting service, tries to "negotiate" with the courier on the spot. The situation with delivery intervals is also very interesting. In feedback from customers, the top 3 recommendations for improvement include “expected delivery”. The client is no longer ready to wait for the courier all day, wants delivery in a shorter time interval. After analyzing 1.366.675 orders, we received the following figures that only for 2,4% of orders online stores indicated a delivery interval different from “during the day,” said Yevgeny Danilik.

Russians are paying more and more attention to the simplicity and convenience of using the website of an online store during ...

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